Ski holidays in this special time?

When it’s done safely – of course!

Ski holidays Hotel Seekarhaus

To ensure you have the safest and most comfortable holiday possible during this especially challenging time, we at Hotel Das Seekarhaus have prepared a special safety concept.

“Take care of yourself – take care of us all”– let’s have a safe winter together
“Take care of yourself – take care of us all” applies to everyone during ski holidays at Hotel Das Seekarhaus. Our hotel fulfils all legal requirements, whilst offering many great activities and the best setting for ski holidays with the highest level of safety possible. Our measures are being constantly updated to meet current requirements – the following are in place as of September 2020:

Booking & travelling to us

Until further notice, we have adapted our cancellation policy to the current situation. Should there be local travel restrictions (a travel ban to Austria) due to COVID-19, no cancellation fees will apply.

Be prepared, just in in case – book your stay with a cancellation option

Just to be on the safe side, we recommend purchasing travel insurance. Europäische Reiseversicherung, for example, now also covers COVID-19 despite its pandemic status.


Hygiene measures

Our cleaning and disinfection plan has been adapted to meet the new requirements set out in the updated hygiene guidelines for Austrian hotel cleaning.

  • Contactless hand sanitising stations can be found around the hotel (at entrances, receptions, in the spa, lifts, ski rooms, restaurants and at every table in the restaurant).
  • Frequency of cleaning has increased.
  • All rooms are additionally regularly disinfected.
  • All door handles are additionally regularly disinfected.
  • All cleaning supplies and detergents contain disinfecting agents.
Everyone has enough space at Hotel Das Seekarhaus

Hotel Das Seekarhaus reacted to the situation in the Spring and completely redesigned the reception area, bar and dining room – including the buffet – as part of our renovations. The focus was on creating more room and – as a result – more safety for our guests and staff.

  • Our restaurant was also enlarged. The dining room that was previously used exclusively for à la carte lunches will be completely renovated by the start of the season in November 2020. It will also be open to guests for dinner service, allowing us to easily keep to legally required social distances, but also allowing our guests greater comfort and privacy.
  • The buffet has been expanded to create MORE room.
  • We have digital menus so you can scan a QR code to view our menu and wine card online and contactless.

Our newly designed, enlarged reception area will ensure the greatest safety and the necessary social distancing for the ski/winter 2020-21 season. Have a safe start to your holiday or day on the slopes from the moment you check-in or purchase ski passes from the lift desk.

Feel safe in our hotel

Our ventilation system filters, circulates and supplies outside air. The filter class we use traps even the smallest particles and droplets. A secured supply of purified air means the ventilation system can dilute any substances and viruses present. 

All of this meets the current guidelines of the Fachverband Gebäude-Klima e. V. (Building Climate Control Association).

Our employees’ health is checked every day

All hotel staff will start the winter season with a current negative test.

  • In addition, every employee’s temperature will be checked daily. In the event of even the slightest suspicion of illness, they will be housed in separate accommodation in Untertauern, made available especially for this purpose, until a diagnosis has been made.
  • All employees who have contact with guests will always wear a mask or face shield.
The highest hygiene standards – also in our spa

Hotel Das Seekarhaus is well known for our spacious spa. In addition to our standard hygiene measures, our certified sauna attendant ensures the greatest possible safety in our saunas.

The hotel’s own children’s ski area and Das Seekarhaus ski school groups

Kids will also feel safe and sound in our hotel...

  • Little ones can learn to ski in our very own children’s ski area just outside the hotel.
  • Older kids can work on their skills in Hotel Das Seekarhaus ski groups – reserved exclusively for our guests.
  • The group lunch we offer can also be eaten in the hotel and will be in compliance with our high safety guidelines.
Our one-of-a-kind location in the ski resort and the hotel’s cable cars ensure safety and convenience.

As a guest of Hotel Das Seekarhaus, you will also enjoy the greatest comfort on the ski slopes.

  • Our unique location right on the ski slopes gives you direct access to three cable cars – meaning you won’t have to queue up with lots of other people and can hit the Tauernrunde before other guests.
  • Plus, the Krings family, and therefore Hotel Das Seekarhaus, have four cable cars of their own. We give our guests an exclusive start to their day on the slopes. At least once a week, Hotel Das Seekarhaus hosts early morning skiing, during which the cable cars are available exclusively for guests before regular opening hours.
Obertauern is the ideal holiday destination – especially this winter
  • Once you arrive up here in Obertauern, you can easily and directly reach the Tauernrunde from various starting points. There is no need to take the cable car to the start or queue up with lots of other skiers to hit the slopes.
  • Because ski pistes can be found around the village, you won’t need to use your car or a ski shuttle.
  • In Obertauern you can access the Tauernrunde from 10 different points.
  • The ski area has 26 lifts – including one gondola (two additional lifts offer a combination of cable cars and chair lifts to choose from). This means you’ll practically always be in the fresh air on the approximately 100 km of slopes.
  • There is a great variety of additional trails for winter athletes of all levels.
  • 26 chalets and restaurants situated conveniently around the ski resort offer enough room for a break or bite to eat.
  • When you purchase a ski pass, you will get a free neck warmer that can be used as a face mask on the lifts.
  • The long winter season from November to May gives you plenty of opportunities to avoid peak travel times.
Travel back home with confidence

We anticipate that you will be able to take a voluntary COVID test before departure.

We look forward to your visit – stay healthy!

The Krings Family and the Seekarhaus Team

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